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InspectoLab - Center for laboratory lesting in agroecology, food and general use objects

Inspecto has completed the implementation of an EU project for the construction of a new laboratory in 2018: InspectoLab - Center for laboratory tests in the agroecology, food and objects of general use .

The laboratory consists of five laboratories connected into one organizational unit - chemical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, water laboratory, soil laboratory and rheological laboratory.

InspectoLab is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Review accreditation.

Highly educated professionals, a continuing training program, an advisory approach, and years of market experience all profile Inspecto as an extremely reliable laboratory for quality testing.

InspectoLab Center Facts

  • Largest laboratory in the region at 2800m2,
  • High-end analytical devices and technology,
  • Digitized sample processing and online monitoring,
  • 80 highly educated employees,
  • Over 1000 types of laboratory testing,
  • 113 accredited methods and flexible accreditation area,
  • 511 active substances - pesticides,
  • Network of offices in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split.

Who are the users of our services?

  • State institutions,
  • Retail chains,
  • Hotels and restaurants,
  • Public institutions (kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, etc.),
  • Manufacturers of food, milk, meat, confectionery, etc.,
  • Family farms and eco producers,
  • Agricultural systems,
  • Trading companies in commodities/raw materials.

Inspecto conducts over 60,000 laboratory analyzes annually for Croatian and international partners.

Successful participation in inter-laboratory tests with laboratories and organizations inside and outside the European Union confirm the quality and methods of work that, with the speed and digitized process, ensure the reliability of the results obtained.

Inspecto successfully cooperates with well-known European laboratories such as:

  • SP Laboratory, Bečej, Serbia,
  • SGS, Budapest, Hungary,
  • Eurofins, Hamburg, Germany,
  • Eurofins-Erico, Velenje, Slovenia,
  • Neotron, Modena, Italy,
  • Dr. Verwey, Rotterdam, The Netherlands,
  • Laboratorio Arbitral Agroalimentario, Madrid, Spain.

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