Microbiological cleanliness of facilities

The control of the microbiological cleanliness of the facilities is carried out in accordance with the Ordinance on the frequency of control and standards of microbiological cleanliness in facilities under sanitary supervision (NN 137/2009).

In facilities that have a self-monitoring system developed in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system and good manufacturing practice, microbial purity testing is considered as part of the self-control plan.

In which facilities and how is microbiological cleanliness checked?

According to the Law on the Protection of the People from Infectious Diseases (NN 79/2009), the control of microbiological cleanliness is carried out in facilities subject to sanitary control, including:

  • buildings, premises, spaces, devices and equipment of persons engaged in economic activities and activities in the field of health, education, social welfare, catering, tourism, crafts and services, sports and recreation.

Surfaces of plants, equipment, appliances, supplies, vehicles and hands of persons in contact with food and general supplies and / or in the provision of services to the general public must comply with the standards of microbiological purity prescribed by Regulation NN 137/2009.

The location, number and frequency of sampling to control microbial cleanliness depends on the extent and type of production or service provided.

Methods for determining microbiological cleanliness include procedures for sampling swabs to determine the number and type of bacteria on the surfaces of plants, equipment, devices, supplies, vehicles and hands of employees.

Sampling and microbiological analysis shall be carried out in accordance with international standards in the Microbiology Laboratory of Inspecto Ltd.

Surface sampling using swab  HRN ISO 18593*
Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria  HRN ISO 4833-1
Enterobacteriaceae  HRN ISO 21528-2

Inspecto Ltd. laboratory offers professional consulting services to improve the hygiene of the entire facility (premises, equipment, work surfaces, staff and other hygiene requirements) with the aim of reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

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