Analysis of sludge and environmental samples

Nature is the natural environment of organisms and their communities including man, enabling their existence and their further development: air, water, soil, earth's crust, energy, and tangible goods and cultural heritage as part of the human-created environment; all in their diversity and totality of interaction.

Since man is directly connected with the environment both in his life and in his doings, it is our duty to take care and monitor the state of the environment in which we live, produce food and inevitable waste. The laboratories of Inspecto Ltd. tehy deal with agricultural land analysis and water analysis, which are constituents of the environment.

Soil fertility analysis

Fertilization is a very important and demanding agro-technical measure that we need to pay close attention to. If we do fertilization by heart, we are exposed to many risks and mistakes. Therefore, fertilization should be done according to well-defined soil nutrient reserves, which can only be determined by analysis of soil samples.

Soil fertility analysis represents the "blood work" of the soil and without it, it is pointless to start any type of plant production. Recommendations for proper soil fertilization, based on the analysis of the Laboratory for Soil by Inspecto Ltd., are issued by the "Department of Agroecology" of the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek (Prof. Dr. Zdenko Loncaric). Based on the available nutrients in the soil, a difference is calculated to be added in the form of mineral and organic fertilizers to meet the needs of plants and soil in the production processes, and the law is complied with:

  • NN 043/2015; Rulebook on methodology for monitoring the condition of agricultural land,
  • NN 015/2013; I.Active program for the protection of water against pollution caused by nitrates of agricultural origin,
  • NN 009/2014; Ordinance on the protection of agricultural land from pollution.

We are committed to working together to improve crop production, which ultimately aims to increase yields per acre of sown area, product quality and, of course, economic cost-effectiveness.

Fertilizers, slurries and substrates

Fertilizers consist of substances whose main purpose is the nutrition of plants. Slurry is a semi-liquid manure, a mixture of solid and liquid animal excreta, ie manure generally without litter. Substrates are combinations of dried organic and mineral components used as soil improvers. In their composition they differ depending on the type and content of organic and mineral components.

A common feature is that they improve soil composition and yield better yields.

Inspecto Ltd. has developed methods for the analysis of such samples where quality can be checked against the following parameters: testing of moisture and dry matter content, pH, ash content, organic matter, organic carbon, total nitrogen, FOS/TAC, trace elements: potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, phosphorus, calcium), and heavy metals: lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, mical, cobalt and tin).

Irrigation water

In outdoor cultivation, a greater number of crops have a vegetation period during the summer months when the temperatures are higher and there is less rain. Vegetable crops are fast growing and produce a large plant mass and therefore require considerable amounts of water.

The quality of water used for irrigating greenhouses, orchards, arable land, or arable crops is very important, so microbial and physico-chemical parameters such as: coliform bacteries, temperatures, suspended solids, conductivity, sodium and chloride content developed by Inspecto should be monitored.

Ground, surface and waste water

Water protection includes water protection measures and improvement of water quality in order to avoid or minimize adverse effects on human health, freshwater ecosystems, quality of life and the environment as a whole. The protection of water against pollution is carried out in order to preserve the life and health of people and to protect the environment, and to enable the sustainable, innocuous and undisturbed use of water for various purposes.

Wastewater as a by-product of food, beverage, cleaning products is a growing environmental problem for both producers and the environment, and monitoring of wastewater emissions is of particular importance especially when discharged into surface water as it affects the quality of surface water that is being used to irrigate or to produce water that is later discharged into the water supply system.

Inspecto Ltd. in its Laboratory for Water and Waste Water has developed methods for monitoring physicochemical parameters and has the appropriate authorizations from the competent Ministry of Agriculture and HAA certification.

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