Inspecto Ltd. has started the implementation of the project "Optimization of business processes of Inspecto Ltd. introducing an ICT solution“ in accordance with the Grant Agreement signed with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020.

The investment project is related to:

  1. procurement of solutions for creating an effective internal and external communication environment of the company that will contribute to process optimization and increase efficiency and acquisition of new client groups
  2. procurement of a laboratory management control system that will result in the reduction of administrative workload of employees and the elimination of human errors in conducting complex analysis and reporting to clients.
  3. procurement of documentation management solutions and upgrading of financial management solutions that will reduce total paper consumption and establish a secure digitized archive in accordance with ISO standards.

Objective of the project: to contribute to increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of business of SMEs in the Republic of Croatia by increasing the competitiveness of Inspecto Ltd. introducing advanced ICT solutions to optimize and integrate key business processes.

The project's results include a 23% increase in sales revenue, a 2.2% decrease in production cost per analysis, a 25.4% increase in labor productivity, and the creation of at least 21 new job in 2014-2020.

Total project value: 1.557.625,00 kn
Grant: 1.100.015,44 kn
Implementation period: 09 January 2017 through 09 January 2018.

Project manager:
Ante Nevistić, Director,

Project coordinators and contact persons:
Anđa Nevistić,
Marko Nevistić,

More information at: OPKK 2014-2020 hrv 27112014.pdf

On 09.01.2018, Inspecto Ltd. successfully completed the implementation of the EU project “Business Process Optimization by Inspecto d.o.o. introducing an ICT solution “co-financed by European Regional Development Fund funding under the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020.

The implementation of the project lasted 12 months and during this period the following ICT solutions were acquired and implemented:

  • ICT solution for computerization and optimization of the communication process that enables more effective internal and external communication of all participants in the sustainable business system of Inspecto Ltd. and activation of the sales and marketing process that is expected to acquire new customer groups,
  • ICT solution for the integration and monitoring of laboratory processes, which reduces the administrative workload of employees, improves the ability to monitor many parameters of business success and eliminates the possibility of human errors in the implementation of complex analyzes and client reporting,
  • ICT document management solution that created an employee base and established a secure digitized archive in accordance with ISO standards, thereby significantly increasing the efficiency in managing, retrieving and using business documents.

In addition, IT hardware was purchased as a basis for the optimal functioning of the implemented solutions, and the existing ERP solution was upgraded, which upgraded the existing financial and accounting module.

Implementation of complete ICT solutions has achieved computerization and integration of key business processes, optimized business processes of the Beneficiary and improved the company's human capital through training employees to work on new ICT solutions, which will significantly increase productivity, reduce production costs by analysis, increase revenue from sales and hiring new employees, which will ultimately increase the competitiveness of Inspecto Ltd. in the domestic and international markets.


Procurement procedure for persons not subject to the Law on Public Procurement (version 2.0), in accordance with the Call for Proposals "Building SME production facilities and investing in equipment"

PUBLISH DATE: 24.07.2017.

ICT solutions for computerization and optimization of business processes
Procurement Record Number: I-ROBA 01/2017

Inspecto Ltd.
Električne centrale 1
31 400 Đakovo
OIB: 52975458232

Marko Nevistić
Contact phone: +385 31 813 479
E-mail address:

The subject of procurement is divided into 4 groups, as follows:

Group 1 ICT solutions for computerization and optimization of the communication process:

  • one (1) intranet collaboration portal
  • one (1) multi-function business system

Group 2 ICT solutions for integration and monitoring of laboratory processes:

  • one (1) server license for a laboratory process management system
  • one (1) Advanced Business Analysis Management System server license
  • one (1) system implementation, customization and testing service, and employee training

 Group 3 ICT Document Management Solution:

  • one (1) document management system license
  • one (1) system implementation and testing service and employee training

Group 4 Servers with equipment:

  • three (3) servers with equipment
  • one (1) server license

 All equipment and software subject to procurement includes delivery, installation and commissioning. All services subject to procurement will be provided at the client's location. The goods offered must be new.

TYPE OF PUBLIC TENDERING: Procedure for the publication of a Procurement Notice

DEADLINE FOR DELIVERY: 14.08.2017. at 15:00

The offer, together with the related documentation, is made in the Croatian language. The tender shall be delivered in a sealed envelope directly to the Client or by post to the Client's address.


The complete tender documentation, together with the related annexes, as well as the documentation of the procurement procedure, is available on the Client's website: 

Communication and any other exchange of information between the contracting authority and the economic operators shall be in writing. The written request of interested economic operators for clarification is submitted by e-mail:

Download the documentation here:


14.08.2017. the deadline for submission of bids has expired. The present case has been completed.

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