GMP+ International is a leading global partner in the implementation of GMP+ standard (Good Manufacturing Practies) business systems certification under GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) and GMP+ FRA (Feed Responsibility Assurance) schemes.

The GMP+ Feed certification scheme began in 1992 and has evolved over the years into a comprehensive certification scheme that integrates requirements from multiple quality management systems (ISO, HACCP, etc.).

The GMP + Feed Certification Scheme defines the conditions applicable to animal feed production, storage, transport, personnel, procedures, documentation, and brings together more than 13,000 companies in more than 70 countries. The foundations of this system are continuously evolving, ensuring the reliability, sustainability, quality and food safety, meeting national and international standards.

Inspecto, as of 3rd October 2017, is a GMP+ FSA Certified Member under the GMP+ B10 scheme and performs laboratory testing of animal feed according to internationally accepted methods.

With the implementation and certification of this program, Inspecto Ltd. became the first laboratory in Croatia and the wider area to own it.

Through this process Inspecto Ltd. the market has the opportunity to offer certified laboratory services to all Croatian and regional business entities that operate and comply with the requirements of the GMP+ scheme in the international trade in animal feed.

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